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The Business Directory for Waynesboro, Virginia.

Produced by Waynesboro.Com, WBoro.Biz was created to provide an easily accessible and regularly updated source for information on the businesses in Waynesboro. It provides a centralized location for businesses to advertise and to provide more detailed information about their offerings, and this site also serves the readers of Waynesboro.Com with a source of information to help them to shop locally, whenever possible.

WBoro.Biz is both owned and staffed by people in Waynesboro, Virginia. That local quality should not be overlooked because it provides a vital element of involvement and sincerity that has always been missing in news sources from out-of-town, corporate media.

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WBoro.Biz offers advertising to Waynesboro area businesses. Free basic listings are being made for as many businesses in the city as we can find, but advertisements and featured listings will make your business stand out. Call Waynesboro.Com at 949-0770 to discuss your advertising needs.